Consulting   Facilitation   Collaborative Planning



Converge creates safe space for groups to successfully navigate the chaos and conflict that often accompany change. We work toward a desired end while allowing a groups’ wisdom to lead to unanticipated possibilities.


• Tools and activities encourage creativity, discussion of difficult issues, allowance for differences, reaching consensus, prioritizing, taking action, and celebrating success.


• Participants work together to develop long-term vision, surface

hopes and concerns, identify existing resources and challenges, and consider how past events and anticipated trends may influence the future.


• Collaborative processes deepen group connection, enhance performance and reduce implementation challenges.


Open Floor movement practices build community and draw upon the full intelligence of individuals and groups.


Our processes have been successfully employed for a variety of purposes, including:


• Multi-stakeholder collaborative planning


• Leadership/Board retreats


• Strategic planning


• Partnership/nonprofit board development


• Team building


• Implementation of action plans


• Community engagement


Project scale can range from local, regional or statewide, to more focused organizational or program development.



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