Keeping Our Promise: A Guide to Evaluation in Sacramento's Promise Zone UC Davis Center for Regional Change (2017)

Outlines steps for evaluating place-based and complex community change initiatives, considering varying levels of capacity and resources. Highlight key evaluation questions and provides tools and resources for implementation. Collective Impact projects can use this to focus on continuous learning and improvement, strengthen the effectiveness of collaborative activities, and understand how to create positive community change over the long-term.


Inspiring Success: Los Angeles County Youth Engagement Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Projects

Public Health Institute (2016): A quality assessment of projects using youth-led participatory action research (YPAR) to achieve policy, systems and environmental change. Examines success factors and impacts; includes field stories and program recommendations; and builds on lessons learned in previous research on California Department of Public Health’s Youth Engagement Initiative.


Coalition On Regional Equity (CORE): Lessons Learned and Future Options

Sacramento Housing Alliance (2014).  Documents the Coalition’s evolution, accomplishments and lessons learned, examines potential future scenarios, and provides recommendations.



Inspiring Youth Growing Change: Nurturing Strong Minds for a Healthy Community

Network for a Healthy California (2011). Highlights the impacts, successes and challenges of the California Department of Public Health's Youth Engagement Initiative. The ideas, lessons learned and reflections provide “how-tos” for engaging youth to increase healthy eating and physical activity to reduce obesity. After publication of this report, the USDA added the Youth Engagement Initiative to its menu of approved interventions for nationwide obesity prevention efforts.



A New Formula for Children’s Health

Communities and Physicians Together, UC Davis Medical Center Pediatrics Dept. (2008). Examines successes, challenges and lessons learned among health professionals and community partners working to improve children’s health using asset based community development principles and practices.



A Local Official’s Guide to Public Engagement in Budgeting

Institute for Local Government Collaborative Governance Initiative (2010). Research of methods, examples and “how-tos” for ways local government can effectively involve citizens in budgeting decisions.



Beyond Polarities: Collaboration and Conflict in Community Health Partnerships
UC Davis Community Development Master’s Thesis (2006). Explores how

collaborative groups handle conflict when the membership is comprised of both grassroots and agency representatives.



Converge CRT