Converge research focuses on organizational or community assessments and program evaluation with an emphasis on qualitative methods.  Each research process is customized to support client learning, program improvement and capacity building efforts.  Research typically culminates in a presentation of findings and a final written report that informs planning and contributes to a broader field of professional knowledge.


Converge gathers and analyzes “stories from the field” in order to learn what’s working and how challenges are addressed, and to generate ideas for future impact.  Methods include:


• Key person interviews


• Focus groups


• Surveys


• Asset mapping


• Data mining / secondary data collection


• Literature review

Converge employs Participatory Action Research practices to partner with clients and communities to develop meaningful assessment questions, research methods, and data analysis that leads to social change. This powerful approach ensures that stakeholders benefit from the knowledge generated and gain valuable skills that can be applied in ongoing community improvement efforts. When in alignment with project goals, community members can be trained to conduct focus groups, key person interviews, asset mapping, or surveys.



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