Converge Approach & Values


Asset-Based: Focusing on existing strengths and resources provides the building blocks for healthy development of people, organizations and communities. Identifying “what’s working” is a powerful tool for mobilizing change.

Collaborative: Working together across disciplines, geographic areas, cultures and other potential “dividing lines” enables groups to better understand issues, resources, opportunities, and priorities so they can develop creative solutions to pressing concerns.

Outcome-Focused: Helping clients identify clear goals and desired outcomes is the starting point of projects that begin with the end in mind. This is reinforced by structured questioning and exploration of possibilities. Client engagement and ownership throughout the project are essential to produce stellar results and sustain long-term efforts.

Relationship-Centered: Care, connections, and social networks among people are the heart of any project. Communication is honest, direct, and kind. Conflict is viewed as an opportunity for learning and transformation.

Creating change requires courage to face the uncomfortable and skill to navigate it productively. To foster this experience for clients, Converge CRT draws from a variety of powerful community and organizational development frameworks and methods.