Mindful Movement

Converge CRT incorporates Open Floor mindful movement into facilitation, training, and coaching sessions to draw out the full intelligence of individuals and groups.  Open Floor is an awareness practice that uses movement, music, and inquiry to explore habitual patterns, emotions, and thoughts. By bringing attention to how we move through the world, new insights emerge along with expanded possibilities and choice. This embodied approach to learning draws upon emerging neuroscience, allowing participants to tap into the wisdom of the body, cultivate emotional resiliency, and handle stressful situations creatively – all critical skills for leaders of community change.

For those who want to strengthen their team or organization, Converge CRT offers “Collaboration in Motion,” a unique training series that adds a physical and mindfulness component to learning. Open Floor exercises are used to explore communication, collaboration, leadership, and consensus – and to bring this increased awareness to group interactions, deliberations, and decision making.

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