YPAR Evaluation Report Cover Page

Ala Kamaliʻi - Youth Rising

Hawai‘i Youth Participatory Action Research: Discoveries and Experiences from the YPAR Movement

Hawaiʻi Department of Health and YMCA of Honolulu (2022). This evaluation report explores supports and barriers that helped or hindered the successful implementation of YPAR in Hawaiʻi and presents field recommendations to sustain and expand the use of YPAR. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and cultural adaptations are also highlighted.


Link to CARES report

COVID and CARES Act: Lessons for and from Hawaiʻi’s Nonprofit Sector

Skog Rasmussen, LLC (2021). Team research by members of the Hawaiʻi Community Benefit Consultants hui to capture lessons learned from the disbursal of Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to help decision makers in the government and nonprofit sectors reimagine operational and policy approaches to reduce barriers and increase future success.

Keeping Our Promise: A Guide to Evaluation in Sacramento's Promise Zone

UC Davis Center for Regional Change (2017). Outlines steps for evaluating place-based and complex community change initiatives and provides resources for implementation drawing upon traditional and collective impact evaluation methods.

Inspiring Success: Los Angeles County Youth Engagement Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Projects

Public Health Institute (2016).  Highlights the collective impact and comprehensive approach of Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) projects to achieve policy, systems and environmental change. Examines implementation successes and challenges to inform and refine future programs.

Coalition on Regional Equity: Lessons Learned and Future Options

Sacramento Housing Alliance (2014). Research and analysis to understand the successes and challenges of a collective effort to address equity in the Sacramento region and assess options for next steps.

Inspiring Youth Growing Change: Nurturing Strong Minds for a Healthy Community

Network for a Healthy California (2011). Reflects on Youth Engagement Initiative impacts, successes, and challenges.  Provides “how-to’s” for engaging youth to increase healthy eating and physical activity to reduce obesity. Contributed to USDA approval of Youth Participatory Action Research as a field-tested practice for obesity prevention.

A Local Official’s Guide to Public Engagement in Budgeting

Institute for Local Government (2010).  Methods and examples of ways local government can effectively involve citizens in budgeting decisions.

A New Formula for Children’s Health

Communities and Physicians TogetherUCDMC Pediatrics Dept (2008). Examines successes, challenges and lessons learned among health professionals and community partners working to improve children’s health in Sacramento neighborhoods through the Dyson Foundation initiative.